Jewellery Certification Guide

Buying gold jewellery is always special for us. Gold jewellery is adored by almost everyone and wisely for gifting purpose as well.Whether you want to buy an antique necklace or simple studs for yourself gold jewellery often becomes an augmentation of our persona.

Whether you have a collection of jewellery or a set of gold or diamond jewellery how well do you know your jewellery? How will you know the purity of your precious jewels and gems?

Don’t worry, you are in the right place. In this article, we will explain about all the certifications and answer all such queries.

BIS HALLMARK (Bureau of Indian Standards)

It’s truly said all the yellow is not gold. The Yellow metal “Gold” is highly popular in India to prepare jewellery. To ensure the purity of gold jewellery you need to see it’s BIS Hallmark. BIS Hallmark is an Indian origin for gold jewellery.

The Indian government has taken an initiative to hallmark the jewellery with BIS Mark symbol that has ensured reliability and trust in the jeweller. If you are buying BIS hallmarked gold jewellery, you can rest assured that you are buying genuine products. BIS Hallmark centres are located all across India.

The BIS Hallmarking is engraved on the jewellery which includes purity of gold, BIS logo, Assay centre and jeweller’s identification mark.

SGL (Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories)

Every diamond is not certified. However, all the diamonds look the same whether it’s certified or not. You must be thinking. Why should you bother about a certificate while purchasing diamonds or diamond jewellery?

You should because a certificate will show the genuinity of your solitaire. When you are buying your first and precious gem by investing your valuable time and money, then why settle for less? To know the purity and durability of a Gem the highest integrity lab certification is Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories (SGL) which is an answer to all your queries.

SGL is an international gemological laboratory that approves and specializes in the certification of gemstones and solitaires. SGL has its lab all over the world and has its presence in many cities of India as well. We ensure to provide the jewellery which is certified by SGL experts. The SGL certificate denotes the diamond weight, colour, clarity including gross weight of the jewellery.

IGI (International Gemological Institute)

While buying gems studded jewellery it’s not compulsory to have only one certification to specify it’s genuinity. There are other certifications also which will help you to know the durability of your diamond-studded jewellery. Another renowned certification for precious diamond jewellery is the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

IGI is one of the top gemological institutes and laboratories that carry out full reports of solitaires & gemstones and provide detailed reports on the same. Many of the diamond jewellery displayed at Jewelflix has an IGI Certificate of Authenticity.

In IGI Certification they mention the diamond counting your jewellery and also about their cut, colour, clarity and weight of every piece of diamond which are studded in that.

CGL (Cambay Gemological Lab)

If you are buying gemstone for your lifetime to be studded in your engagement ring. But while buying a gemstone how you will make sure about its durability or whether you are paying the right amount for your piece. Above we have discussed two certifications to specify the same. Now, we will discuss one of the precious stone certification labs which are Cambay Gemological Lab (CGL).

CGL is a gemological testing laboratory known for its quality inspection of both gemstones and jewellery as well. They not only do the in-depth inspection but also make sure that the necessary information goes on the certificate issued by them.

A CGL certificate has the name of the certifier, certificate number, gemstone/ solitaire properties (includes shape, cut, colour, durability and carat weight), net weight of the jewellery and description.

PGI (Platinum Guild International)

Women always love to buy platinum, the most durable metal on the earth to adore their beauty and personality. Platinum is the most precious and costly metal in the world. When you are investing your precious money to buy the most precious metal then how will ensure that the piece of jewellery you are buying for is pure or worth the price you are paying for it?

It’s not that hard to know just ask for the durability certification of your Platinum. One of the renowned names in certifying platinum jewellery is Platinum Guild International (PGI).

PGI is the biggest name for platinum assurance. We can ensure all our platinum jewellery sold at jewelflix is certified by PGI's Certificate of Authenticity and jewellery care manual. Each PGI certificate includes the necessary details of the jewellery such as Platinum Purity & Weight, Design Number and Jewellery Description.

Now, you don't have to worry about the piece of gem and jewellery you are buying. Just ask for the Certificate of Authenticity from the renowned lab and you are good to go.

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