Best Jewellery Shops in India

Top Jewellery Retailers in India

India is gradually taking over the place as the hub of most consumed gold jewellery. This is because gold is considered auspicious in many Indian cultures and women are extremely fond of gold jewellery. The jewellery shops in India are in a buzz of meeting the demands of so many unique and personalized jewellery items that it is never too much to ask for one more jewellery shop near us.

There are thousands (if not lakhs) of top jewellery stores in India which are trying to perfect the already existing jewellery designs and some are crafting new and unique jewellery designs.

You can always find at least one jewellery showroom near you. This is because there are demands everywhere in India for the best jewellery.

List of jewellery shops in India

It’s almost difficult to list the most famous jewellery shops in India because every day someone comes with some new and unique addition to their collection.

On this page, we have catalogued the best and most popular jewellery shops from different cities of India. You can easily explore the various designs of Jewellery and choose the one you like.

Retail Gold Jewellery Shops in India

Gold is one of the most bought jewellery from every corner of the country and more than 95% of the shops offer gold jewellery. There are several jewellery showrooms in India and even around your city, you can find tens and hundreds of showrooms.

Here, on JewelFlix we’ve associated with only the leading jewellers which can provide you with all types of gold jewellery whether its bridal jewellery, jewellery for children, or young women. Necklaces, Bracelets, Harams, Bangles and Mangalsutra are just a few of the many items which you can explore.

Retail Silver Jewellery Shops in India

Silver jewellery is most popular among young unmarried girls. The lustrous shine and its representation of beauty and style make it one of the most desirable jewellery after gold. The jewellery can be a necklace or a Kada which is very popular in Punjab for religious as well as cultural reasons.

There are several exclusive silver jewellery shops listed on JewelFlix which can get your desired jewellery as per your likings.

The significance of silver is not just in Jewellery in India but is also used regularly as home decor as well as for religious reasons like puja. You can find several accessories like silver pooja items and silver plates which are used in public as well as home temples.

Retail Diamond Jewellery Shops in India

Diamond jewellery has been seen as a symbol of faithfulness, love, purity, relationships and innocence over the centuries. These are considered love-bearing crystals dependable in the virtues when gifted. This is the reason why diamonds are used in engagement rings and wedding hand bands.

Diamonds being so precious and valuable, must be carefully selected by their purity and carats. JewelFlix eliminates your trouble by providing you only the trustworthy, genuine and authentic Jewellers.

Retail Platinum Jewellery Shops in India

Platinum is very precious and costlier than gold due to its heavy density. As a luxury and a symbol of love, this signifies as an eternal bond between the two loved ones.

Since this metal is rarer than gold, its possession is highly seen as a sign of luxury and wealth. We have the dealers of this precious love metal in all cities. All you need is to search for your favourite product or even a piece of specific jewellery you love, and you can get everything.

Retail Diamonds & Gem Shops in India

There can be speciality shops for precious stones like gemstones. These include ruby, diamond, emerald, amethyst, sapphire and much more. Every gemstone has its own significance like Ruby is considered to be a symbol of passion, nobility and purity while an emerald is believed to help in difficulties like speech, allergies, and nervous disorders. All these effects of gemstones are applicable if the wearer is wearing these as per his sign in the astrological sense.

Look for the magnificence of every gemstone on JewelFlix, and you’ll find something to fulfil your desire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do the jewellers provide customized and/or personalized Jewellery?

Almost all of our Jewellers provide customized jewellery and personalized for you exclusively as well.

Is the Jewellery sold by these jewellers authentic?

All the jewellers which are associated with us are 100% authentic and provide BIS Hallmarked products only with a certificate of authenticity.

Do they have bridal jewellery?

Bridal Jewellery is an important aspect of Indian Culture and therefore almost all Jewellers provide bridal Jewellery.

Is there any way to directly contact the Jeweller?

On the jewellery product page, you will have multiple options to contact the jewellery directly including Call, WhatsApp, and address, so you can visit directly to the physical store.

Are these online stores selling Jewellery items only?

Some are exclusive to Jewellery only while others also feature in silver Home decor, Puja items, and accessories like watches and pens. You can explore the catalogue of individual jewellers to find their speciality.

Do they sell only gold jewellery?

We have 100+ jewellers with most of them catering in gold, silver, platinum, gemstones like diamond, rubies, and much more. There is no such limit on what type of jewellery Jewellers wish to sell.

How different will the product be from the photos on this website?

We believe in providing the same product which you see in the photo. However, depending on your device screen, the colour of the product may have a negligible change, unnoticeable if you compare.

Can the jewellers repair and polish the jewellery as well?

Yes, the jewellery you buy from the stores here mostly provide repair and polishing services as well.